Turning ideas into
profitable web applications

Start Up Studio

R WEB is a cutting edge digital agency charging performance fees indexed on revenues generated by the partner projects.

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Our fees are structured in a way where we are incentivized to build a profitable business application for our client

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Pay As You Earn

In most cases we do not charge fixed fees but rather get a cut on the sales when break even is reached by the client's project.

End customers countries
Leads monthly
UV monthly
8 digits

A typical journey

Entrepreneurs can have great ideas and then fail to execute. We come into play to bring our experience and meet success.


Business planning

We help defining the target, estimating potentiel conversions, LTV and cost per acquisition.

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Creating the App

We create pixel-perfect web applications offering optimal performances and maximising customer acquisition.

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Start earning money

Grow your business, execute the service, and only once break even is achieved, share revenues with us.

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